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Does High-Quality Paint Make a Difference?


Have you ever heard the quote, “All things are not created equal?” As consumers, we know this is the case with many products, and not surprisingly, the same is true for paint. One common question that house painters get asked is whether purchasing high-quality paint really makes a difference.

While the colours may appear the same in the can, there’s a huge difference in the ingredients that go into manufacturing high-quality paints. As a professional painting company with years of experience behind us, we know the results speak for themselves, so let’s delve a little deeper to find out why high-quality paints are best for your house painting project.

High-Quality Paints Contain More Prime Pigments

Paint contains two types of pigment: extender pigments and prime pigments. Extender pigments are low-cost pigments that function like a filler and add to the bulk of the product. Prime pigments, on the other hand, provide colour to the paint.

High-quality paints contain more prime pigments which give a rich colour to the paint. Paints that contain more pigments are also much more durable, and easier to apply with greater colour retention.

Binders for Durability

Another key ingredient of paint is binders. Binders are necessary to allow the paint to adhere to the surface better and provide longer-lasting performance. High-quality paints contain quality binders to ensure your paint is stain-resistant and less likely to crack.

Higher Ratio of Solids to Liquids

While all paints contain a certain proportion of liquids for easy application, high-quality paints have a greater ratio of solids to liquids, adding to the rich look of the paint when it is applied to your walls.


Additives have several key functions that protect the integrity of the paint. Additives such as mildewcides protect walls against mildew, while preservatives help prevent the paint from becoming spoiled. Thickeners are also added to the paint to allow it to flow and be poured easily.

Primer vs. Combined Paint Products

While there are many paint products on the market that claim to simplify the painting process by combining paint and primer in one, this option is not ideal. Primer is traditionally the first step in the painting process as it serves as a foundation on which to apply the paint. It also creates a smooth, even surface, allowing the paint to adhere effectively to the walls.

While primer offers the benefit of a consistent, neutral base that enhances the true color of the paint, combining primer and paint might result in uneven coverage, affecting the final paint color and finish. For a professional and lasting finish, we recommend sticking to the tried-and-true method of priming before painting.

Why Is it More Cost-Effective to Use a High-Quality Paint?

If saving time and money is a priority, choosing high-quality paint for your interior and exterior painting projects pays off in the long run.

Less Paint and Less Labour

While high-quality paints generally require a two-coat application, you may have to reapply several coats of a lower-quality paint due to do the same job. This is due to the lower concentration of prime pigments, resulting in a more labour-intensive process, and taking more time and energy to complete.

High-Quality Paints Last Longer

Paints that contain prime pigments will last longer as they are less likely to fade. They tend to be easier to clean and have the added benefit of being crack-resistant, which is particularly important when choosing exterior paint. All of this leads to a paint job with an extended lifespan, which means your investment in high-quality painting will last longer.

Hire a Professional Painter in Edmonton.


While you can paint your interior walls yourself, you may benefit from hiring a professional painting company.

Professional painters are highly skilled and have the knowledge and the right tools to create a beautiful finish. Plus, your residential painting experts do all the prep work, so you can just sit back, relax, and watch your home transform before your very eyes!

Get your free quote from your expert residential and commercial painters servicing Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and surrounding areas.

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