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Summer is in full swing, which means that homeowners all over Edmonton are spending plenty of time soaking up the sun. Luckily for you, all that time outdoors provides the perfect opportunity to repaint your interior walls and revamp your home before fall arrives.

Picking the best paint colours for your home is no easy task. With hundreds of shade variations in just one colour, it can seem impossible to select a colour that suits your home and lifestyle. But with careful consideration and a little bit of research, finding that perfect colour palette will be a breeze!

Match the Colour to Your Furniture

Cohesion and symmetry are critical when considering your new interior paint colours. Nobody wants to spend hours selecting a paint colour, only to realize after painting that the new shade doesn’t match your furniture.

Even if you’re using a neutral paint colour, the shade needs to blend with your existing furniture. From your floors to your countertops to your couches, everything in your home should work together to form a harmonious atmosphere.

Start by looking at your floor. The floor forms the basis of your room, so it’s crucial to ensure that the wall colour suits the shade and type of your floor. For example, if you have a dark hardwood floor, you may want to select a stark, cool white or ivory shade to create contrast. If your floor has strong brown undertones, you’ll want to stick with a warm white.

Find the Mood You Want to Create

You spend plenty of time in your home, especially during the colder months. As such, it makes sense that you want to curate the perfect mood for your space! This choice is up to you—there are no right or wrong answers. However, the mood you want to create will have a significant impact on your choice of interior paint colours.

Looking for a cozy, comfortable atmosphere? Warm paint colours are an excellent way to bring a sense of comfort and homeliness to a space. Want your home to feel open and airy? Try using lighter colours to open up the space. Need something modern and in style? Browse interior design magazines and the internet to find out what’s in fashion right now! No matter what mood you’re attempting to curate, there’s a paint colour out there that will help you do it.

Create a Flow Between Different Spaces

Continuity in your home is more important than you might think. All of your rooms should flow into each other, even if they’re painted with different colours. Be sure not to break up the space with colours that contrast each other too much.

You may also want to consider using a single colour for the majority of the home. Using the same or a similar colour creates continuity and flow throughout the home, unifying every space within it.

Brighten Up Your Home

Lighter colours are often an appealing choice for homeowners. Light colours suit nearly every room, no matter the size or shape. They give any space an airy feel, even if the room is lacking in natural light.

Light colours are especially beneficial in small spaces. By brightening up the room, light paint colours can make even the smallest space feel deceptively large.

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