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As the temperatures warm up and you start to spend more time outside, the more you’ll begin to notice that your fence needs a little attention and care. Incorporating fence maintenance into your spring cleaning routine is the perfect time to complete this task. A good power washing, repairs to loose or broken boards, and a fresh painting or staining can spruce up your entire yard for the rest of the summer.

Your Fence Needs Protection from the Elements

Adding a coat of paint or a layer of stain to your wooden fence helps it look great and protects the wood. Both stain and paint create a barrier between your fence and the wild weather we get here in Alberta. Between the wind, rain, snow, and sun, our fences put up with a lot of elements.

The warm sun’s UV rays can discolour and lighten the finish on your fence. Next time you look at the wood on your fence, compare the side facing the sun to the other side. You’ll notice a difference in their colour.

Excessive rain and snow can also cause damage to your fence over time. Moisture and wood combined lead to mould and rot. Wood is a natural material that won’t last forever. Still, you can extend its life cycle and make it look great for longer with regular painting and staining.

Painting vs. Staining Your Fence

We’ve established that both wood paint and wood stain are useful for extending the life and appearance of your fence. How do you decide which one to use? Here’s an overview of both options to help you decide which is right for your fence.

The Benefits of Painting a Fence

The main appeal of a painted fence is that you can choose from a wide selection of colours. Maybe you love the look of a fresh paint job on a white fence, or you want to match the colour of the trim on your house or your deck. Painting your fence is a great way to add colour and personality to your yard.

High-quality paints are also a great choice when you have an older fence, or the wood is starting to fade to gray. A pop of colour can help breathe new life into the appearance of your fence. Choosing a bold or natural shade is entirely up to your preferences.

The one consideration with paint is that it requires maintenance. A painted fence will show its wear over time. When the paint begins to peel, you know for certain it’s time for a fresh coat. You will need to prepare your fence by sanding it before painting again. As long as you’re prepared for touch-ups or hiring professional paint services in Edmonton, you’ll do just fine with paint.

The Benefits of Staining a Fence

Paint has been the most popular choice for wood fences, but in recent years, staining has become the preferred choice. Customers who prefer deck stains do so because it allows the natural appearance of the wood to show through. This is especially important if you like the look of a new fence. Coating it in a wood stain early on will help you preserve its natural look for longer.

Using a wood stain doesn’t limit your choices, either. A wide variety of stains are on the market, so you can get the exact natural look you want. Light stains help the cedar colour show through, while darker stains are best if you want to hide some imperfections in the wood.

Another benefit of stains is that they are easy to apply and last for several years before you need to reapply them. When you go to stain your fence again, you’ll want to clean your fence first, but you don’t need to sand down the wood like you do for a new coat of paint.

Edmonton Professional Painters

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