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There’s nothing better than a coat of paint to refresh a dated commercial property. And while a
new look can boost your mood and enhance your brand, there’s a lot to consider when planning
for a large-scale commercial project.

1. Find the Painting Contractor in Edmonton

You’ll have to hire a professional painter who knows what they are doing and has experience on
commercial sites. The right contractor will have advanced training and be competent when
working in commercial environments.

Do They Have the Right Equipment?

Commercial job sites are different from residential painting projects and often require the use of
specialized equipment. High ceilings may require the use of tall ladders and scissor lifts, and
commercial painters usually have the right equipment to get the job done.

Are They Fully Insured?

It’s also important to choose a commercial painting company in Edmonton that has the
appropriate insurance coverage to do the work. Your commercial painter should have liability
insurance and WCB coverage so their painters, your premises, and employees are protected.

2. Choosing the Right Colours

When you’re repainting a commercial space, the colours you choose matter, especially if they
represent your business. If you have a specific colour that you use across your brand, a colour
consultant can help you match this. They can also help you select alternate colour options if you
are looking to refresh and update your brand.

Commercial painters understand how important colours are for your company, so they will only
use high-quality paint that provides a professional finish and helps your business stand out.

3. Selecting the Right Materials

It’s also essential to choose the right paint for your needs, and with so many paints to choose
from, it can be confusing to know the ideal type. A professional painter knows when to use latex
or acrylic paint or when oil-based paints are a better option. They will also use industrial
coatings for quality and durability and select a finish that looks great for the space.

Health and Safety Considerations

When painting an area that your employees must continue to work in, it’s essential to use the
right paint. Constant exposure to volatile organic compounds in regular paints may have various
short-term effects, including irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual impairment, and temporary
memory loss. To avoid any negative health effects on your employees, it’s best to use paints
with low-volatile organic compounds to maintain the indoor air quality inside your place of work.

4. Use Anti-Microbial Products

If you are in the healthcare, daycare, or restaurant business, another factor to consider is
protection against germs. Antimicrobial paint is formulated to resist microbes such as viruses,
bacteria, and other germs. These specialized paints help to protect against mould and also
make cleaning your walls much easier.

5. Scheduling the Work

You’ll have to choose an appropriate time to start your project to allow for minimum disruption to
your business. If your work is seasonal or you experience slow periods during the year, these
might provide the ideal window of opportunity to complete the paint job. If, on the other hand,
your business is steady at all times, the only options may be to work on weekends (if possible),
close the business for a short time, or schedule the work to take place after business hours.

6. Inform Customers and Employees

When you’re having work done that affects a communal space, it’s best to let everyone know
what to expect. If your employee’s; workspace is directly affected, let them know how long the
paintwork will continue and ensure they have a suitable space to work from in the interim.
Customers can often be accommodating during such times, especially if they are properly
informed of the disruption.

7. Prepare the Workspace

Preparing the workspace before the painting begins is a big task. You’ll need to move furniture
away from the immediate work area and place covers on furniture and carpets to protect them
from any splattered paint. If the work inflicts on your employee’s workspace, you’ll have to find
an alternate place to accommodate them so they can continue their work without interruption.

Hire a Professional Painting Contractor in Edmonton


At Schwan & Sons Painting Co., our professional painters have extensive training and experience and provide a superior level of service. If you are looking to hire a commercial painting company for commercial or residential services in Edmonton, give us a call. We provide professional interior and exterior painting services and work quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption to your home or business.

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